The Future of Hula Hooping

When I started this blog, I never imagined writing a post entirely about hula hooping. In fact, until watching this video, I thought of hula hooping as that thing Phys Ed teachers make kids do in elementary school as a form of sheer embarrassment. ...or what the most mellow of college students do on a Thursday night with a light-up hula hoop in a parking space outside a bar. 

But, this video has made me see hula hooping in an entirely new light — as an artform. In it, Cyr Wheel Artist, Aerialist & Circus Choreographer Valerie Inertie performs a beautifully arranged dance using a cyr wheel — the hula hoop's more sophisticated cousin.

I am simply amazed by the talent, strength, coordination, and dedication that surely must be required to perform a routine like this!

Have a watch for yourself! Also, check out Valerie's site to find out more about her and her work!