Ash Ambirge

This Week's Loves

I’m loving the clever and painterly illustrated posters designed by Olly Moss for Firewatch, “a mystery game set in the Wyoming wilderness.”

If you're also digging the look of the posters, be sure to check out the Firewatch game's promotional website as well! Just watch what happens to the illustrated banner image when you scroll! ...although, you might want to check it out in Chrome or Firefox; it's not quite as breathtaking in Safari.

— via Brave the Woods

Want to Create Things That Matter? Be lazy.

If you’re driven to produce things that matter, then you need to put deep work at the center of your professional life. To do so will probably require that you become 'lazier' in the Feynman and Stephenson sense of the term: that is, you must treat with sluggish wariness efforts that keep you away from depth, regardless of how many small benefits they promise.

Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy. by Cal Newport

These days, it seems that we're all hustling — working our day jobs, developing our side projects, unyieldingly posting to every social media outlet, attending galas and dinners and networking events and conferences, taking public speaking opportunities… The list is never-ending. But, if we’re always hustling — spreading ourselves thin by attempting to do it all — can we ever devote a large enough chunk of our time to accomplish anything of real substance? Then again, as the inverse of the word “hustle” implies, are we lazy if we don’t engage in these activities?

In Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy., author Cal Newport discusses how we can free ourselves up to create things of meaning and substance rather than fragmented bits of promise, but only if we’re willing to do the opposite of hustle and be thought lazy by the masses.

The vintage feel of the business card designs composing this Great Gatsby-inspired poster by The Heads of State is spot-on. The business cards represent the guest lists of the extravagant parties hosted by Gatsby in the summer of 1922.

Productivity Tips from Tim Ferriss

[...] determine your next physical action for the #1 to-do that consumes 20 minutes or less, then take it. For instance, 'Clean up desk' is too broad. It needs to be extremely easy to follow without any decision. In that example 'Type all random to-do scraps into Sticky Notes, then discard paper' or 'Remove all paper, and stack on floor for later scanning into Evernote at 5 PM' (then set a reminder) are better.

— Tim Ferriss via Trello

This list of productivity tips from author and early-stage investor Tim Ferriss is straightforward and simple, yet it has definitely helped revolutionize the way I consider tackling my to-do list.

On Becoming Unfuckwithable

The answer is becoming unfuckwithable, so no matter what happens — because something will always happen —  you will figure it out. You will always land on your feet. And you will always outsmart the bullshit in this world.

On Becoming Unfuckwithable by Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

Pardon the language, but the guidance offered in this post by Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project is simply perfect. In the post, Ambirge acknowledges that there will always be someone or something in this world fixed on knocking us down. She advises, though, that the solution to this problem is not to hide or give in. Instead, it is to acknowledge these obstacles and then make the conscious decision to not let them bother us.