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image via  exPress-o

image via exPress-o

The idea of heading off on a spontaneous adventure in a cozy blanket scarf and a super-cool fedora, like the ones in this image, is sounding very appealing right now.

I’m drawn to this photo from the series entitled Post Script by photographer Rachel Boillot which explores the decline of the American postal service and, sometimes, other businesses, specifically, in the rural south. One of the few images from the series not related to the postal service, it shows the juxtaposition between an evidently defunct men’s haberdashery and a McDonald’s sign reflected in its window. With its whimsical, hand-painted exterior, the haberdashery is the embodiment of the old, slow way of life where things were hand-tailored and custom-made. Conversely, the McDonald’s is the epitome of modern culture where things are fast and cheap and impersonal. The association of these two different worlds seems to symbolize the often overlooked negative effects of modernization and streamlining within our culture.

Startup Playbook

Speaking of telling people your idea — while it’s important the idea really excites some people the first time they hear it, almost everyone is going to tell you that your idea sucks. Maybe they are right. Maybe they are not good at evaluating startups, or maybe they are just jealous. Whatever the reason is, it will happen a lot, it will hurt, and even if you think you’re not going to be affected by it, you still will be. The faster you can develop self-belief and not get dragged down too much by haters, the better off you’ll be. No matter how successful you are, the haters will never go away.

As its title suggests, the Startup Playbook by Y Combinator is chock-full of excellent advice for creating a startup and some tidbits, like the one above, that can be useful to remember in all aspects of life.

If I’d gone through life and not tried, what would be the point?

This video from AARP filmed by David Friedman tells the inspirational story of Chris Donovan, a former telephone repairman that set out to realize his dream of becoming a women’s shoe designer after receiving a reminder that life is short and we only get one chance to shape it into our own version of perfection.

I love this story about a young girl who gives crows water and food and receives small trinkets of gratitude in return.