This Week's Loves

We can choose to define ourselves (our smarts, our brand, our character) on who rejects us. Or we can choose to focus on those that care enough to think we matter. Carrying around a list of everyone who thinks you're not good enough is exhausting.

— The Rejectionists, Seth Godin

  • Life has been extra crazy for a while now and I feel like things have been falling through the cracks, especially the goals and dreams that I have for myself. I’m convinced that this is because I’m just not organized enough -- not that I’ve taken on too much which, surely, could not be the case. ...right? Therefore, I’ve become enamored with the idea of creating my own planner of sorts to help myself get things accomplished. I'll add it to my list of to-do's...
  • Over the weekend, I got some new kicks -- a brand, new pair of Asics GT-2000 3 running shoes! A combination of mint green and hot pink, they’re not my usual style, but the bright colors offer a little boost of cheer during the more torturous moments of a long run. And, of course, they’re comfortable ;).
  • I’m super intrigued by Bittermilk, a line of cocktail “compounds” crafted by bartenders for the home cocktail enthusiast. Excluding the alcohol, of course, Bittermilk’s compounds contain all the ingredients necessary to achieve a balanced cocktail -- a bittering agent, a sweetener, and an acid. Quality cocktails simplified? I’m in! {via Honestly Yum}
  • Sometimes saying “no” is the best move. It allows us to focus on what’s truly important and spares our sanity from what’s not. Designer Austin Kleon has created a collection of especially tongue-in-cheek regret letters penned by the rich and famous. ...I wish I could say “no” in such a witty fashion, but it might not be the best strategy for making or keeping friends.
  • The trailer for Legend, starring Tom Hardy in a double role, looks super good. Of course, so does the one for Batman v Superman.
  • My boyfriend and I are looking forward to brewing up some beer this weekend. We're using the Grapefruit Honey Ale kit by Brooklyn Brew Shop.