Passion Planner

Online to-do apps are pretty much amazing these days. Forget just creating a bulleted-list of tasks — these puppies can keep track of progress and productivity, they can be accessed from any type of device, and they can be used to easily create, reorganize, and update to-do lists without the hassle of busting out an eraser. I’ve been a dedicated user of one such app — TeauxDeaux, developed by Swiss Miss and Fictive Kin — for around 2 years now and I absolutely love it!

Even so, there’s still something I find so satisfying about actually writing out my to-do lists, notes, thoughts, and ideas with a pen and paper. The process of writing seems to be more efficient in helping me remember my tasks and even more thoroughly understand concepts. Therefore, I’m always excited to discover a well-designed, yet highly functional paper planner like the one featured in the video above, called Passion Planner.

Created by Angelia Trinidad, Passion Planner offers much more than the typical planner. According to the About page, in addition to a weekly appointment calendar, it also houses a goal setting guide and a space for journaling. It is designed to help define your ideal life and create your path to attaining it; promote a healthy work-life balance; prioritize tasks; and focus on the positive.

If this sounds intriguing to you as well, be sure to visit the Passion Planner website to find out more. If you’re a tad short on cash or just want to try it out before purchasing, a PDF version is available in exchange for spreading the word about Passion Planner. Or, if you’re already sold, you can purchase one of the three beautiful, bound options.