This Week's Loves

Present & Correct

This banner advertising Present & Correct’s holiday collection is making me so incredibly happy. Abstract snowflakes composed of paper chads and brass thumbtacks and paperclips? I think, yes.

If you’re not familiar with the company, Present & Correct offers a collection of impeccably designed stationery and office accessories that are mostly either vintage-stock or vintage-inspired. My current favorites, pictured below, include these handmade party crayons, this 6-pack variety box of cream-and-white pencils, these “chalkboard” pencils, and this giant wooden compass.

Vintage Brass Workwear Buttons

I’ve been lusting over this collection of vintage brass workwear buttons that recently sold on eBay. The heart-shaped Carhartt variation is just adorable perfection!

— via Quipsologies

Why Are We Letting People Tell Us How to Live Our Lives?

I think I’ve cut myself off from my soul in many ways. I’ve become my to-do list, the things that have to get done and the things other people want from me. I’ve forgotten that I can stop and listen intently to the whisper inside of me, that there is a little magic in there that is waiting for me to stop being so fucking erratic, so dictated by Things That Must Get Done.

— Why Are We Letting People Tell Us How to Live Our Lives? by Jamie Varon

In Why Are We Letting People Tell Us How to Live Our Lives?, Jamie Varon reminds us to resist the urge to become obsessed with crafting and adhering to detailed to-do lists choreographed by the tips of time-management “experts.” She explains that a preoccupation of this kind often leads to a life “dictated by Things That Must Get Done,” rather than an “electric” life, one that inspires us to “wake up [each morning] with a buzz of creativity crackling through [our] veins.” And, doesn’t the latter sound so much more awesome!? ...She suggests, instead, that we treat to-do lists and expert advice only as the imperfect tools that they are, that we take time to look within ourselves to discover our innermost passions, and that we allow these desires — not a list on a page — to guide our lives.