This Week's Loves

Introvert Coffee Mug

This coffee mug, spotted over at A Cup of Jo, is me every day.

A Real Date

Plan a date for somebody. A real date. A 'I made reservations here’s the dress code I will pick you up at 7 everything else is a surprise date.' A 'plan for two weeks and get your haircut and bring flowers and wine date.' Everybody deserves to have that, and everybody should know how much time and effort and care it takes to execute.

— via A Cup of Jo

Because sometimes life needs a good, old-fashioned, elaborately planned date to look forward to.

Cast Iron Design

The refreshingly simple, stacked layout of their portfolio site, the respectable set of morals summed up by their trademarked phrase, "design for good not evil," worn proudly on their (digital) sleeve, the sophistication and attention to detail in their type, color, and paper choices. ...yes, it's fair to say that I've fallen hard for Boulder-based design studio Cast Iron Design.

All of their portfolio pieces are awesome, but I especially love their work for Finkel & Garf craft brewery.

A Sunset Kiss

A drive to a secluded spot, a thermos full of cocoa, and a vow to watch the sun go down.

— via Reading My Tea Leaves

During the holiday season, we’re constantly pressured to spend money on our loved ones and shower them with material things in order to express our affection for them. Amidst all this chaos, it’s easy to forget that the most meaningful gift — time spent completely absorbed in each other — can cost nothing at all.