This Week's Loves

On Dreams

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. 

— American radio personality, writer, speaker, and author Earl Nightingale

I was excited about having a morning to myself last weekend. I wanted to use it to start one of the many projects I’ve had in the works for a while. As I reviewed them in my head, though, I kept alternating between which one I should begin first based on when it would need to be finished and how much time it would take. Soon enough, instead of making headway on a project, I had overwhelmed myself and become fixated on the notion that I would never have enough time to accomplish everything on my list.

After my initial breakdown, though, I was brought to my senses and, subsequently, remembered the quote, above. It made me realize that, truly, I may not have enough time to get through every project on my list. But, even so, if I allow myself to become fixated on this fact and never actually pick one with which to begin, I’ll never accomplish any of them.


I haven't been able to stop thinking about the wispy braid, the lacy dress, the eclectic sunglasses, and the dreamy light in this outfit photo, part of a post entitled Undone by Happily Grey

Gallery Leather Planner

Last weekend I picked up this monthly planner by Gallery Leather. The paper is buttery; the typography and layout is lovely; the ribbon page marker is both functional and stylish; and the leather-like exterior is silver (!), supple, and luxurious. Definitely check out Gallery Leather's products if you're in the market for a new planner.

First Drafts

The awkward first drafts are the warriors that bring us to the finish line.

— from The Great Discontent's interview of designer Becky Simpson

When working on a project, we designers often go through a series of “awkward” first drafts before a pleasing and functional design begins to take shape. It’s been my experience that most of us are a bit embarrassed of them since they’re never too visually appealing. Despite this fact, these drafts are the fearless ones that help us experiment and hone our ideas into the polished compositions that they will eventually become. Therefore, they deserve just as much respect as our finished masterpieces.

Tanamachi Goods

Lettering artist Dana Tanamachi has just opened Tanamachi Goods, an online shop filled with art prints, posters, paper goods, and books inspired, according to the site, by “vintage typography, Japanese patterns, and nostalgic ephemera from [Tanamachi’s] childhood home in the American Southwest.” Products showcase Tanamachi’s signature chalk art as well as her work in other mediums including watercolor and ink.


As part of a revitalization effort, design firm Invisible Creature was asked to grace the exterior of Cinerama, an iconic Seattle movie theatre that originally debuted in 1963, with a custom mural. The mural’s design pays homage to the groundbreaking movie-showing technology that helped make Cinerama famous, the allure of the period in which the Seattle movie house was built, and the decades worth of collateral branded to promote the films and festivals it has featured. It references a time when going to the movies was a special event and brings a taste of that excitement to the modern age.

The newly renovated Cinerama theatre backs up its super-cool exterior with awesome offerings on the inside as well. With its famous chocolate popcorn and a selection of local craft beers and ciders, it boasts the "best concessions in town." It houses an ever-changing display of original costumes from films including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Blade Runner. It features the latest in technology to capture every ounce of modern movie magic. Yet, it also maintains a collection of vintage theatre equipment capable of showing "classic 35mm, 70mm, and original 3-strip Cinerama films." ...Seattle's Cinerama theatre = bucket-listed.

Be sure to check out Invisible Creature's project post for an overview of their process and many more pictures. Prints of the mural can be purchased in Invisible Creature's online shop as well.