This Week's Loves

A Fool in Front of the Crowd

If you do something remarkable, something new and something important, not everyone will understand it (at first). Your work is for someone, not everyone.

Seth Godin offers a glorious reminder in his post When You Do Work that Matters, the Crowd Will Call You a Fool. He relates that, just because the opinion of a crowd is usually harsh and boisterous, amplifying the pressure for us to conform, that doesn’t make it any more legitimate. Quite often, this mob-based opposition actually means that we might have unearthed something exceptional.

Forefather’s Group

From vibrant and sophisticated in their solution for Buffalo Lane to tough, vintage-inspired grunge in their playing card design for HMNIM, I’m loving the work of Forefather’s Group. The design of their portfolio site is also killer. It features a minimal and modern take on classic styling while offering a glimpse into the group’s rough and ready approach to design.

The Money Card Series

Andrew Jackson dressed as a hipster — it’s a gift in itself and, with their money card series, Fifty Five Hi’s has offered us the opportunity to give just that to the next person we present with a $20 bill. Each card comes complete with a transparent film printed with all the accouterment in which to dress Mr. Jackson. Currently, there are 8 different card options including Diva Jackson, Fancy Jackson, and Zombie Jackson. — via Brave the Woods

Wired Giants

These sculptures by Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi, and the meaning behind them, are awe inspiring. The poses of each hyper-realistic human form along with the material used to create them — airy wire mesh — are intended to call to mind fleeting moments or memories and allude to the transience of existence. — via exPress-o


Definitely a good resource to keep in mind, Screenings developed by Sacha Greif is a collection of some of the web’s best design-related videos.

A Secret


While we usually don’t highlight them on the internet, we all have struggles. This fact can be difficult to remember, though, while scrolling through the carefully manicured life tidbits shared by others. In her post entitled, A Secret, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Joe offers a gentle reminder that these curated snippets are only half the story.


I’m always intrigued by interesting ways to hang art. Created by Well Made, Stiiks is a minimal framing solution made from real wood and magnets and it certainly qualifies.

Say It in All Caps

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Say It in All Caps is an episode of This American Life that explores the issue of trolling on the internet. In one section, it offers comfort by revealing that trolls are often not motivated by their intense hatred of whoever they are trolling, but by their intense hatred for themselves. Another tells the story of Paul Ford who created the AnxietyBox website as a way to manage his anxiety by enabling it to troll him. He explains that, once he had externalized his anxiety and given it a voice, he realized how ridiculous it was. Definitely worth the listen!