Speak Your Tongue

Unfortunately for us humans, there is something that seems to holds us back in critical emotional moments. Those moments when your soul is aching for you to verbally express your love and affection toward somebody, but the fear of rejection or sounding silly makes us bite our tongue. Goodbyes are never easy, but when you have to say your last goodbyes, for real, you find a tremendous amount of courage to let the love flow. And it will probably keep flowing as life goes on. Tap into the child inside of you who has no reservations about expressing emotion, happy or sad.

What I Learned from Loss by Miann Scanlan, via The Free People Blog

Simply put, the quote above — an excerpt from Miann Scanlan's blog post entitled, What I Learned from Loss — resonates with me. I can definitely relate to the idea of having a strong desire to tell someone how much I care, but — for some reason — not being able to. And, I must say, this inability to do something that seems so simple is certainly heartbreakingly frustrating.

We could all benefit from not allowing our fears to stand in the way of expressing our emotions toward others. Our loved-ones, of course, need to know that they are loved and telling them so — preferably before it's almost too late — is an important way to assure them of that. Opening ourselves up to others will also likely encourage them to do the same toward us. It can truly be a win-win!

After all, while considering the action of expressing our affections for another, allowing ourselves to entertain our fears of possible rejection or sounding silly is a selfish indulgence. This is because we're thinking of the impact expressing our love will have on ourselves rather than how it will make the recipient of our affections feel.

From now on, let's do our best to release our inhibitions and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. ...even if we think they already know.