Burning Questions with James Victore

On my lunch break the other day, I made a little trek over to the Like Knows Like website for some design-y inspiration. If you're not familiar, Like Knows Like is a documentary film series by Filmmaker Bas Berkhout and Photographer Marije Kuiper. It explores the personalities of photographers, designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and bloggers through intimate and beautiful video interviews.

While there, I spotted an interview featuring Designer James Victore and, since I recently posted a video featuring him type-hunting through the streets of Brooklyn and Queens, I decided to check it out. The documentary was excellent, so I was delighted to discover that Victore releases videos of his own every Tuesday on his Youtube channel entitled Burning Questions. In each video, he answers questions sent in by fans and, in the process, offers excellent life and design advice in a blunt, yet optimistic and motivating way.

So, I kind of went on a binge and watched every single one of the available videos — they're all amazing. But, here are a couple more of my favorites to get you started:

While you're checking out each installment of Burning Questions, remember to subscribe to the channel. This way you'll be notified every Tuesday when a new video goes live!