The Worst Question of All

Which brings us to the absolute worst question of all:
13. Asking “Do you like it?”
Dear sweet lord in heaven above and all his angels, you just gave away the farm. [The client is] no longer viewing you as an expert. You are no longer their equal in expertise. You are no longer the person they feel comfortable enough writing a check to. Even if they don’t realize it, all of these things just happened.

13 Way Designers Screw Up Client Presentations by Mike Monteiro

"Do you like it?"

This seemingly innocuous question can lead to so many problems in designer-client relationships. On behalf of the client, it often incites confusion. After all, they aren't involved in the design process every day, so they don't know what kind of feedback designers are looking for. Therefore, they'll usually give all kinds of feedback and, without guidance, most of it won't be useful.

This question also harms the client's perception of designers as experts in our field. When we allow a client to judge our work based on their limited knowledge of design, we open ourselves up to being viewed as less respectable.

Instead of asking if the client likes something, Mr. Monteiro recommends that we guide client feedback by asking specific questions about things in which they're the "subject matter expert" — questions like "Does this reflect your brand?" or "Does this reflect your users' needs as we discussed in the research?"