Let's Pretend

If you pretend to be something long enough, it's not pretending.

When I was younger, this saying made me feel uneasy. The prospect of pretending to be different than myself sounded like deceit — a trick intended to fool others and, more dishearteningly, myself. To me, it seemed like betraying who I really was — my true self. 

As I've gotten older though, I've realized that sometimes we grow and change so much that our old selves are simply holding us back from becoming who we want to be. Even so, overcoming our ingrained mannerisms is usually quite difficult. It feels forced and not genuine.

But, in this TED Talk, Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy discusses how a shift in body language can not only change how others see us, but also how we see ourselves. In essence, it's about how pretending — pretending to be our new true selves — can help us break free from our outdated tendencies and make our new true selves a reality. It's a strategy that I'll definitely have to try.