Oh Sweet Lorraine

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is one of the most difficult parts of life. The grief this causes can be debilitating. Each of us deals with this grief in different ways. Some share the memory of their loved one with everyone they meet. Others keep their memory close to the heart, not yet ready to share it with anyone else.

After Fred Stobaugh's beloved wife Lorraine passed away, he initially kept his memory of her to himself. But, he soon realized that this memory was too beautiful not to share with others. So, he wrote a song about Lorraine and submitted it as an entry to a songwriting contest hosted by Green Shoe Studio. The song was so sincere that it touched the hearts of the people at the studio; they decided to work with Fred to professionally record the song even though his entry did not meet the requirements for their contest.  

Fred's memory of Lorraine has now been shared with thousands through his song's exposure on YouTube. Now, so many people who would, otherwise, never have known about Lorraine, have shared in Fred's love for her. All of these people are part of a lovely and heart-wrenching tribute to Lorraine, Fred, and their love for each other. Hopefully, we will all be able to experience a great love like Fed and Lorraine's one day.

Watch the making of the song above and support Fred by buying Oh Sweet Lorraine on iTunes