Snapshots 8.25.13

Hi there! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Did you spend it doing anything fun? ...I went for a run, got bitten by swarms of mosquitos, drank wine, organized my closet, went to a church service in honor of my grandparents' anniversary, watered lots of plants, and ate homemade peach pie. ...yum! 

I thought I'd start this week off with a few snapshots I've taken over the past few days. Captions below!  

1. Butter Cow and her pet bird say, "What's up?"

2. Lego Girl is chillin' on her polka-dotted inner tube!

3. The cutest little horse pulling a carriage. 

4. Loki's helmet! Dude, somebody made that! ...and it's awesome! 

5. The moon in a hazy sky over a bean field. 

6. The moon over a church. ...I love how the left-most lamp light echoes the shape and glow of the moon.

7. A konked-out Zoe-the-cat. 

8. Enjoying a glass of wine while nursing soooo many mosquito bites. ...seriously, it was the most, simultaneous mosquito bites I have ever received! Although, the mosquito bites were well worth it since I got them while having the best conversation with my awesome neighbor. He's in his 80s and still rides his bike 10 miles a day! He also has some pretty great stories to tell.