Edits Quarterly

Edits Quarterly is one of the websites of Ian Coyle, a creative director, designer, and interaction developer that co-runs the studio Huge/KingCoyle. In his own words, Edits Quarterly showcases “short narratives in film and photography.” And, I must say, it’s one of the most refreshing websites I’ve seen in a while.

The format of this site is very cool. It is navigated either by scrolling or by using the arrow keys. Each page of the site fills the entire browser screen. This allows Coyle to showcase some exquisite photography and clean page layouts.

My favorite part of the site, though, is the interaction between Coyle’s personal narratives and his photographs and videos. With each set of photographs or videos displayed on the site, Coyle shares a memory about the experience of shooting it or about the subject of the photo or video itself. In this age of Facebook statuses and Tweets it’s so nice to see some thoughts on life experiences that are actually meaningful. This site is very beautiful indeed.