Hi there! My name is Jessica. I’m a graphic designer from Illinois. Some of my favorite things include learning more about graphic design, appreciating the amazing design work of others, and creating work of my own. Besides design, I also love fashion and shoes … especially boots! Sharing my favorite music with others is also pretty high up on my like list.

Here are a few random things about me: I have mild addictions to Carmex and Eclipse gum, I enjoy almost any movie about baseball, my favorite superhero is Superman (Batman is a close second), and I’m currently working to become a better runner.

I decided to start this blog to share the things that inspire me and hopefully create some things that will inspire you, my readers. The name Studio One-Sixteen comes from a couple of different things; my dream of one day having a studio space that I can call my own and the number 116. I’ve noticed that the number seems to pop up wherever I am. Because of this, it’s taken a special place in my heart. Hopefully it will give this little blog a special place in yours.